Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to my new falconry blog!

So, here we are again.

 If you read my last blog, I know what you're thinking:
"He didn't even make it through the last blog!" 
... and you're absolutely right.  It turns out that there's just not that much to blog about once the craziness of public transportation becomes your daily routine.  If you've not yet been introduced to my mediocre blogging skills; then welcome!

I want to say a few things about what this blog is, isn't, and may or may not be.

This is NOT a "how to" blog - there are plenty of great resources on falconry and this is not intended to be one of those resources.  (If you'd like, I'd be thrilled to give you some links to fantastic resources!!)

This IS my attempt at letting you come along as I make mistakes, learn new things, and indulge in a passion of mine.

This may be good, it may not.  I may post everyday, I may not post for a month.  It may be super picture intensive, I may not ever remember to take a picture.  It will be a fun mystery for us all!

I have a lot of expectations for my upcoming years as an apprentice falconer, and yet, I feel like I have only a small clue of what they will actually be like.  I know there will be moments of frustration because things will not go perfectly.  I know there will be times that things are really gross, or really dirty, or I'm just plain over it.  I also know that there's no telling what a wild animal will do, but I can, with the help of my fantastic sponsor, do my best to anticipate those actions!  I also hope that you can learn a little bit about what it takes to become a falconer as I work my butt off to become one.  (... I feel like I jinxed myself just now, so knock on wood, or throw salt at a wound ... or something!!!)

Please be patient with my crappy grammar, the weird looking background picture, and my strange writing style... I PROMISE the next blog post will be way more fun!

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